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In celebration of Arduino Day 2016 the L.A. Robotics Club will be hosting our world-famous

Intro to Arduino & Electronics Class

on Saturday, April 2nd, 2016 from 9am to 1pm
at Urban Workshop
365-A Clinton Street, Costa Mesa, CA

This class is our primary fundraiser for L.A. Robotics Club activities throughout the year and space is limited so reserve your spot today!

About the Class

A four-hour hands-on introduction to the Arduino Micro-controller and Beginning Electronics. This is an expanded version of our original Intro to Arduino class with a more streamlined approach (we've done this class for over 200 people now!) and a deeper focus on electronics as well as Arduino.

You will learn:

You will need:

Class fee is $40. See Payment Info Below...

If you've taken one of our Arduino classes before this one is new and improved and you will learn new useful skills. If you're a complete beginner this class is still appropriate as no previous experience is necessary.

Come support the L.A. Robotics Club, Celebrate Arduino Day 2016, and Learn Arduino & Electronics!

Ordering Options

Please see all three ordering options below before making your selection...

Option 1: Arudino Day 2016 Intro Class + Clone Kit - $70

In an effort to keep costs as low as possible our standard offering is the Intro to Arduino & Electronics Class along with an Arudino-Compatible Starter Kit. The Arduino Clone board in these kits have been thoroughly researched and approved by Michael B to ensure the best learning experience and Arduino compatibility.

funduino board

Kit Includes:

AD2016-Arduino-Compatible $70

Option 2: Adruino Day 2016 Class Only - $40

If you already have an Arduino Kit or prefer to purchase one separately on the internet you can purchase admission to the Intro to Arduino & Electronics class by itself. Please review the contents of our starter kit to make sure your own kit has everything you will need to complete the class

AD2016-Class-Only $40

Option 3: Arduino Day 2016 Intro Class + Genunine Arduino Kit - $85

If you prefer to support the Arduino organization in Italy you can purchase our Starter Kit with a Genuine Arduino Uno substituted for the Arduino Clone in our less expensive kit


Charge will appear as "M. Belanger" on your credit card statement.
Kits will be handed out at the beginning of class. Kits are not shipped.

For information and discussion posts regarding Arduino Day 2016 and the Intro to Arduino and Electronics Class visit our Meetup Group

Contact us: info (at) Proud Sponsor of the L.A. Robotics Club