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EZbot Kit

funduino board

The EZ-Bot is an inexpensive and easy-to-assemble tabletop robot perfect for first-time robot builders.

Featuring standard hobby servos modified for continuous rotation, an on-board battery pack that serves as the robot's ballast to keep it upright, a solderless breadboad top deck for adding components, and a set of Photocell "eyes" for running to or avoiding light, EZ-Bot assembles in about an hour using no special tools. And it's design allows for additional sensors and abilities to be added in the future.

funduino board

The EZ-Bot Kit comes with all the components listed below. You supply your own Micro-Controller board suchs as an Arduino Uno or Arduino Compatible board and breadboard hookup wires.

Kit Includes*:

*Arduino controller board and hookup wires NOT INCLUDED

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